(UK) International ClassNeo495 Association : Report April 2020

Communication Classe


In 2017, l’Association Nationale de la Class Neo495 was reorganised with the aim of obtaining recognition for the Neo495 equal to its strengths and qualities.

This year the AGM confirmed that we are heading in the right direction.
The team, which is as enthusiastic as ever, has grown with representatives from Brittany, Paris, Normandy and the Cevennes region.

This should reinforce us in the idea that projects are above all motivations to move forward knowing that they are often ephemeral. What we must keep as primary objective is the possibility of practicing a stimulating sport or leisure in conditions easy for all: proximity, accessibility, optimized costs and conviviality

One of the changes made allowed the class to become l’Association INTERNATIONAL de class Neo495 in order to develop the Neo outside of France and to organise events beyond our country’s borders. British, Belgian and Swiss clubs are already placing orders with us. The Circuit of the 5 Nations will certainly become a European trophy… perhaps in 2021.

This year’s AGM, convocation, agenda and electronic voting was, by intuition or premonition, all conducted completely digitally over 4 weeks. At the moment digital technology is the only way we have to conduct business and find solutions to the various extra problems each of us face in this period of lockdown. Among other things it leaves us time to exchange ideas and work on the development of the class and of a European regatta circuit.

Père et Fille

Of course, we had projects for this season, but now there are other priorities, as we consider those who are on the front line of this epidemic and those fighting the illness. Many of our friends and practicing sailors are themselves amongst the most vulnerable. However they are used to facing challenges. That is their strength and they transmit their unwavering enthusiasm to us.

It comforts us to know that projects give one the motivation to move forward and are often transient. Therefore our primary objective should be to make sport or stimulating leisure activities available to everyone; close by, accessible, reasonably priced and enjoyable.

We will therefore continue along the same lines, looking for other clubs to join us, who share this idea that sailing is inclusive and thus following the direction set by the FFVoile (French sailing federation) The versatile character of the Neo (along with its adaptability for the disabled) is one of its many strong points, as have discovered Sensation Large, Le Treport (the president of which, Eric Dounon, has joined our team) Handivoile Brest and CN Lorient. Of the 8 units that will be built this year, 4 are going abroad. More than just a good sign, this is encouragement.

Therefore, if you wish to support and join us in our venture, do not hesitate! Thanks to a new organisation put in place early 2020 you only need to click on the link below and follow the instructions.


International Class Neo495 Association