Carwile 1er Américain au GPEN 2023

Communication Classe

L‘ Association Internationale de Classe Neo495 est heureuse d’accueillir Carwile LeRoy PREMIER AMÉRICAIN à participer au Grand Prix Ecole Navale GPEN du 17 au 20 mai 2023 en Neo495 . Carwile fera équipage sur NEO495 FRA01 GERONIMO avec Alain INZELRAC concepteur et constructeur du Neo495

The International Neo495 Class Association is pleased to welcome Carwile LeRoy as the FIRST AMERICAN to compete in the GPEN Grand Prix Ecole Navale from 17 to 20 May 2023 in Neo495. Carwile to crew NEO495 FRA01 GERONIMO with Alain INZELRAC designer and builder of the Neo495

Quelques mots de Carwile  - A few words from Carwile

CArwileCarwile LeRoy MD – Fresno Ca USA
I am very honored and feel very welcomed to be the first American to cross the “great pond” to sail the Neo 495.
I only wish I could do it in French:
Au lycée, j’ai étudié le français pour essayer de suivre le rythme de ma mère qui, originaire d’une petite ville de Caroline du Nord, a obtenu une bourse après l’université. Elle étudié à Montpellier en 1958. malheureusement à 87 ans elle n’a pas pu faire ce voyage.
Et maintenant je donne une pause à google translate et je reviens à l’anglais
Sailing was important to my father, and became very important to me after I wrecked a motorcycle in 1986. I trust it will continue serve me as a wonderful physical and intellectual activity.
I have enjoyed some success racing having won my club’s championship in Hansa Liberties three times ( in San Francisco) once in us nationals in a Liberty ( content/uploads/2018/01/2012-Results.pdf ) once in Martin 16s in San Diego (see and three times in Martins at one of our biggest regattas on the East Coast, the Clagett regatta (see in Newport RI.
I look forward to enjoying your wonderful boat and the wonders of Brittany with some old friends of mine from American. To lapse into the vernacular of our language, I’d like to call them my “posse” – look it up- since, after all, the world can often see us Americans as simply “cowboys”. Fair winds and following seas to us all! I hope to see you on the race course!